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He's just dumb.

When Sam came to visit, he arrived with a box from Mom and Eric. The box was intended to help Sam transistion into being away from his family (and with his crazy auntie), by distracting him for a little bit.

From that box, came the five dollars that made him the richest man in the world. Also in the box was Six-Wheeler.

Six-Wheeler is a little plastic guy on a motorcycle, who stayed nominally upright at lower speeds, and tumbled at higher speeds.

When Kris came home the evening of Sam's arrival, he heard of all the details of the box and Sam's first day. When the, then unnamed, Six-Wheeler came out, Kris was excited.

"Ooooooo! What's his name? Crazy Motorcycle Mike?"

Sam looked up at Kris like he was retarded.

"Noooo-ooooo-oooo," in the way only a five year old looking at the idiot adult can say no in three syllables. "His name is Four Wheeler."

"Four Wheeler? Why is he Four Wheeler?"

"Because he has four wheels." Sam replied, turning over the toy. "One, two, three, four, ..."

Sam paused.

"... five, six. His name is Six Wheeler."

So now we had a name for the toy. Six Wheeler.

Six Wheeler spent the next several hours zooming all over the house, usually chasing Annie, but mostly tumbling around, not quite riding anywhere. A small bump in the floor, usually between boards of the hardwood slats, would send him flipping end over end.

In exasperation, Sam commented, "Six Wheeler keeps dying."


"He's dumb. He's just dumb."

Which has since become a favorite saying around here. When someone does something idiotic, moronic or even mildly stupid, well, "He's just dumb."

Entertainly enough, there's a lot of "just dumb" around here.