Recovering from SHDH4

This morning started with a really loud, jarring phone ring, from not my phone, followed by a muffled conversation, followed by a wild haired, sleepy eyed, not-quite-sober looking attempt at standing up by my fellow all-nighter at SHDH (Mom: it was an overnight programming event where 60+ developers and designers descended on a house in the evening and programmed, designed, presented work, shared ideas, and socialized until the early hours).

My conversation with said guy:

me:  Are you sober?
him:  A good question, Kitt.
me:  And?
him:  The short answer is, "No." But I think I'm sober enough to drive.
me:  Doesn't the first answer negate the second one?
him:  blank stare



11 of us crashed at the SHDH, waking up the this morning to a smaller morning geek fest, with 8 of us huddled around the tables on laptops, sharing even more geek moments.

Eventually, calls for food overrode all entertainment, and the remaining 10 of us (Jeff, David, Lloyd, Messina, Tantek, Dani, Eris, Andy, Adam and me) drove to Buck's (south! closer to home for me!) for breakfast/lunch. Had an entertaining conversation about procreation with David, allowing my completely non-traditional views on children to filter out. David tried to explain (at my request) his the desire to have children: wanting to raise a mini-me, influencing positively another life, validating oneself through gene propogation. I think fundamentally if that desire is missing, all the reasons in the world aren't going to make it appear. David did point out, in a gentle non-judgemental way, however, how shallow my reasons for not wanting children are.

I took no pictures this weekend, which is a little odd.

Low point of the night: realizing Andy had just rebooted my laptop, and I hadn't saved its session state in any meaningful, recoverable way.

High point of the night: wrastling said laptop from the evil clutches of Andy and Cal as they attempted to both root it, and install the hello program on it that I really, really didn't want.

General impressions of the evening: had a great time, though the saying "You get out of life what you put into it," comes to mind. I had wanted to program in a code-jam scenario, but I spent more time socializing and less time actually programming than I wanted. Which is unfortunate given the level of expertise in that house last night. I think the large number of people made it more social, less tech, and had the numbers been around 20-30, more coding would have been done (by me, unsure in general).

Enjoyed meeting and talking to Elliot and Jesse and Adam and Bryan and Cal (though I'd actually met Cal before at the Carson Workshop in June, as he's the one that presented - Mike pointed out to me that I totally blown off Messina and Ryan King at lunch at that workshop to work on the pagination module during lunch - Andy pointed out he showed up for the bar meeting afterward). I especially liked Alex Russell's Dojo presentation. I'm terribly inspired to add it to the UPA's online rostering system.

Right after I finish up a couple of Messina's demos.


a nice evening

i should have stayed until the morning. i mean, later in the morning.