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Learn the tools, lady

Kris came home and told me his first work story. It started off with the comment that he made a lot of code check-ins yesterday afternoon, fixing a bunch of pending bugs and closing them out.

For the last week and a half he's been working with another developer, a busy woman who seems to be in demand for a lot of development tasks.

Well, one of the files he had checked in yesterday was a file his mentor was also editing. When she was preparing to check-in her files this morning, she had a code conflict. When she discovered she had a conflict, she called Kris over to look at it.

She started in on him on how could he have made these changes, why did he change the same files she was working on, didn't he know she was working on the file, what a waste of her time to deal with having to resolve these conflicts.

My opinion of this mentor has dropped considerably, I assure you.

Come on, woman, how hard is it to find the <<< in all the files, look at the differences and freakin' choose? How hard? Exactly. Not hard at all.

In the end, despite all the woman's sighs and accusations and huffing and puffing, the conflict was one line in one file, where both Kris and this lady fixed the same bug.

I'll say what Kris can't say.

"Bite me, lady."

Then learn to use the tools.

Hmph. Kris made me post this to only logged in users. I wanted to leave it open to the world. Sigh.