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Two days before his birthday, BJ came out to visit me. He came with a mission, and a task. There's a casting call for the tenth Amazing Race, and he wanted to apply for the show. Applying requires an application with enough information to completely steal an identity (including passport number and pictures), as well as a three minute personality video.

I have previously submitted an application (with Mark), and wasn't particularly looking forward to creating another video. I mean, if you can't get on the show by eating a raw egg (by which we mean eating the whole egg, including the shell, which Mark did), then I'm not sure what you need to do to get on that show.

We used a "BJ and the Bear" trucker theme for our video, complete with hayseed in the teeth, trucker hats and flannel shirts. We filmed together, but BJ did all the editing. I gave feedback, but for the most part, he did the work. It's pretty funny to me, though perhaps less so for him (or the show producers). We used Mike's camera, after buying a new firewire cable for it, so transferring the data to the laptop was incredibly easy. The editing took Beej a good five hours, so I'm glad I had him do it.

After the contestants are announced, if we don't make the next cut, we'll post the video online.