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Top Hodsden. Or not.


Okay, this pink theme is going to make me puke. It's lasted all of what? A week? Yeah, not a pink person. Maybe if no one's looking tomorrow, I can change the site to yellow, green or even blue. Not pink. Good lord, not pink.

So, my other site, the one that doesn't request search engines stay away currently lists me as the top Hodsden on Google and MSN, but, oddly enough not on Yahoo.

So, yes, those websites are honoring the robots.txt file, as are the other major search engines.

I was going to write that, as long as I'm at the top of the Hodsden list with the list of Hodsden geneology sites, I'd be content to hide behind my robots.txt and stay out of the public eye and the search engines. Do I really want a complete stranger to know about my dogs, garden, blog, ultimate games or neighbors? Not really.

But then I went to Mamma, the search engine that summarizes what other search engines list.


I'm not listed until 10 and that's after James (the doctor), Richard (a finance director), Carey (a pro golfer) and Hodsden's Upholstery shop in Knoxville (they have to be pissed I have all the good hodsden.* domains, and all the hodsen.* ones, too, for that matter).

Good lord, part of me is thinking, "But... but... I don't care about that!" and the other part is thinking, "No way. No freaking way am I going to let a bunch of men have the top Hodsden spot. Not gonna happen, boys." It's then I realize that the competitive streak is still there, and, well, yeah, maybe I can care about it a little bit. Crap, what has become of me?

I blame the pink.

The real question is, of course, can I beat out Knight Industries Two Thousand and Eartha for the top Kitt spot? That would be a real coup.