Illustration Friday


I don't know how I came across Illustration Friday, probably from Mom, but I've been watching it for a while now. The basic idea is that each Friday, a topic comes out, you draw a picture/illustration of the subject, post the image to your website, then add a link to the Illustration Friday website. Pretty simple. I've been receiving the subject emails each Friday, but have yet to actually start doing the illustrations, much less post them. Something about knowing I had talent when I was younger, and never doing anything with it makes me somewhat embarrassed about showing off any work now. I should probably post some of my pieces, if I ever find them. Another "if."

So, in the spirit of "You can't do unless you start," my first (5 minute) illustration. Eventually, I'll have more time to invest (ooooo, into color illustrations, too!).

In case it's not obvious, it's a chair.


That chair has something missing. Could it be a little doggie curled up next to the pillow? (I *guess* it could be a cat, bah)