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I am red in a sea of neutral


Day three of ETech (I'm having problems capitalizing that correctly. I want to use eTech, instead of ETech, but all the documentation capitalizes it ETech, so ETech is the correct way to go.

I'm surprised at how blah all the colors are here. 99.5% of the people here are wearing neutral colors (black, brown, dark blue) or otherwise boring colors. In the last session, which was packed, there were five of us wearing bright colors (three wearing red, one orange and Cal in turquoise). What is it with boring colors that makes everyone want to wear them? Sure, if you want to hide in a crowd, I guess.

Today started off slowly, as I was completely unable to get to the 8:00 breakfast/8:30 keynote on time. Sleep tugged at my consciousness when my alarm went off at 7:30, so I ended up sleeping until 9:00. Much of the keynotes I did hear were attention this and history that, including a talk from Joel Spolsky that, according to the backchannel was a repeat of last year's talk.

Lunch was good, with Messina leading the way at a table with Jason Calacanis of Weblogs, Inc. (and Netscape), Mike from Mozilla (have his card, his name is unusual and interesting so I need to look it up) and Sherman (don't recall last name). All major browsers but IE represented at the table. Jason had Gaping Void business cards, so I was able to share my myCrap card. Entertaining.

The next presentations were Tom Coates and Alex Russell, who are both good speakers, each in his own way. At some point, I'll go drag out the slides and podcasts and transcripts of the presentations I saw. Hopefully the ones I didn't see, too.

Maybe they'll have color.