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Did the Bauers have this much joy?


Today I was cleaning the kitchen with the dogs staring up at me, hoping for some food droppings, when I heard a noise that sounded like someone was at the door. I had a book playing on the stereo, so I couldn't be sure. I turned to look out the window, and saw no one standing at the front door, so turned back to putting away the dishes.

A few moments later, I heard rustling and patting noises at the front door, along with the mail door opening and shutting. I turned back around to the window, expecting to see someone there, and still saw no one.

The mail door noise continued, and had me terribly confused. I went to the front door, and opened it, looking at the mail slot.

To see Liza standing there.

I looked up to see if her parents were around. Nope. Just Liza.

And the dogs going crazy! I had to yell at them to shush them, and feed them more treats (greenie and rawhide) for them to leave us alone.

Liza, in her dark green, velvet dress, looked at me, said she had something for me, handed me a small red seed, said it was for me, and asked me to plant it.

She then smiled, and dashed out the door, calling, "I need to get home now!" I watched her has she ran all the way, a smile on my face. Unbidden and alone, Liza came to visit me. Which gave me such joy, I had a tear or two. Just like I used to run next door when I was very little to visit the Bauers, Liza came to visit.

I could wonder if her parents prodded her to head over, but I'll just assume they didn't and keep this smile.