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Heather's brother and his family came over tonight for dinner. Heather spends most Friday nights with them, usually heading over to his house for dinner. I offered the house to Heather last week for today, as the cleaners came today (barely - miscommunication that almost left us with the house in its normal state of, um, dust, yeah, dust).

The evening started out a bit awkward, as they weren't used to heading over to the hosue, four of the five peope meeting me for the first time, but the conversations loosened as the evening progressed. At one point, I wandered into the office (shock and surprise, me, away from my computer for one WHOLE hour - that was as long as I could manage, admittedly), to be followed by Alex, who asked if she could play UNO. She phrased the question oddly, "Can we play UNO because if we don't have something to occupy us, we grow restless and then we annoy everyone and no one wants to be annoyed so can we play?" Rephrase that in 7-year-old-speak and you're all set.

I said sure, and went out to play with them.