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Drizzle on the seat


Last month, some time, maybe the previous month, Kris and I went to the movies with Heather and a bunch of other communal dinner people. I don't recall what we saw, maybe Kris or Heather will remind me. What I do remember, however, is going into the bathroom, into a stall and seeing piss on the seat.

This happens a lot for some reason. Women aren't willing to put a seat paper/cover on the seat, so they hover over the toilet and pee all over it. I find it annoying.

Sometimes, however, the liquid isn't from the previous stall occupant, but rather an over-ambitious flushing mechanism that sprays water up, turning the toliet into a poorman's fountain.

This particular trip to the movie's restroom reminded me of a my first trip to the restrooms at the Metreon. I went with Nancy Fenner to see a movie, one that was playing in a limited engagement or on IMAX or something similar.

As with any event that takes longer than 10 minutes, I needed to go to the restroom.

And, as with any event in a new popular venue, there was a line for the women's restroom.

After waiting in line, bladder near bursting because, of course, I waited until the last minute to even seek out a restroom (well before I wised up), I entered the next available stall, and was quickly annoyed: the previous woman had peed all over the seat. Grrrrr, I thought, wiping off the seat before putting a cover on it and doing my business.

As I was finishing up, and flushing the toliet, I noticed the mini toilet fountain from the super-sonic flushing mechanism, and watched as the seat was sprinkled with fresh toilet water. Ah, ha, what I wiped up earlier was not from the bladder of the previous woman. Well, that was good to know, and I left the stall.

As I left, another woman rushed into the stall. She opened the door, looked at the seat, and glared at me with such an intensity I should immediately melt to the floor in shame for peeing on the seat. Having just experienced my own toilet fountain revelation, I didn't say anything to the woman at the time. In retrospect, I wish I had.

To this day, I wish I had been standing outside the stall when she opened the door back up, and asked her, "Do you really think I'd piss on the seat and leave it for the next person?"

That, and glare right back at her. Maybe with one eyebrow raised.

Yeah, so why the random post? I had a note on one of my index cards to blog about that incident. At the same movie outing, I heard some not-good-looking guy make the comment, "Man, why are there so many ugly people here?" The irony was somewhat humourous to me at the time. Enough to write a note on that card to blog about it, even if the actually writing did take me six weeks to do.