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Mirabelle sitting!


Mirabelle self portraitMirabelle came over today and spent part of the afternoon with me. We had a deep discussion about the meaning of life, followed by a long and involved argument on the proper way to pronounce "doggie." I'm convinced the word starts with a D, but she insisted it started with an M and sounded something like "meemeemeemee!"

After our long and sometimes bitter arguments, we decided to take a walk. We tooled around the block, then around another one when I realized that the reason I had won the "It's not too cold!" argument was because Mirabelle had fallen asleep.

After a short nap, on Mirabelle's part, I only wished I had napped, we went into the garden to check out the soil, eat rocks and throw tomatoes at the dogs, who promptly ate our ammo.

Megan stopped us from eating too many rocks, showing up just as we thinking of trying the sticks. She and Mirabelle then said their goodbyes and dashed up north for Mirabelle's Great Grandma's birthday.

A brief, but pleasant, visit from the littlest Smith.