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Cookin' time


Our trip to Australia wasn't the best trip we've ever had, certainly not the best trip I've ever been on. Actually, it's one of the most not-fun trips I've had, and that's including the trip to France back in the early ninties. Now that was a trip to forget (travelling companion: marvelous; braving french culture without a thick skin: forgettable).

Because it wasn't a particularly good time, I had a lot of time to think: when things aren't good, I try to figure out why not, and how to fix them so that they are good. This quirk often backfires, but didn't this time.

I spent the time thinking about what I want to change about myself, because the self is both the hardest to change, and the easiest to attempt to change. The first change I decided to make was to stop biting off my fingernails. Not sticking my fingers in my mouth every moment I'm still, which isn't often, since I'm always bouncing around.

Clipping my nails is now a weekly chore, one I haven't had since, well, since never.

The other decision was to cook on a regular basis. Instead of going out to eat for dinner six nights a week and cook for one, I decided we were going to cook for six nights a week, and going out for dinner would be a treat.

I started cooking each night for the both of us. Kris didn't mind that we weren't heading out for dinner: he'd arrive home and dinner would be ready for him. Dinner couldn't have been much easier for him than sit down and eat. After a few weeks of making dinner for us, I told him what I was doing. He was encouraged, and began cooking with me: sometimes making side dishes, sometimes making the main course.

I'm not sure we're saving money on eating in each night. I'm not sure we're not. It's been a good trend so far, though. We've started eating healthier. We're eating far more regularly. We're spending more time together, talking about the day, what happened and suchk. We're also throwing away significantly less food than we used to throw away. Since returning from Australia, I think I've thrown away maybe two items; instead of our previous two items a week or so.

I'm happy by these changes.

I'm now trying to figure out what other changes to make, continue this trend.