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Too much travel coming up


After his father called, Kris mentioned to me that we should plan on heading down to San Diego to visit with Kris' parents the weekend after we play at Kaimana. I looked at him, then jumped at the opportunity to spend an extra few days with him, away from ultimate, away from the dogs, away from work, and, oddly enough, away from the Bay Area.


Jumped if jumped also means declaring we'd take an extra day to travel so that the 9-10 hour drive to San Diego and the other 9-10 hour drive back home from San Diego don't occur within two days of each other, making 18 hours of driving for maybe 18 hours of time with his parents. The stress of driving that long, coupled with the stress of travelling so much (Boston, Philadelphia, Oahu, then San Diego within a five week block), would easily frustrate me.

The talk degenerated rapidly into a close-to-an-argument heated discussion, as Kris offered to cancel going to Kaimana because of the expense, refused to take time off from work to head down to San Diego to see his parents, and I refused to drive down if we didn't take an extra day off, and neither of us really wanted to fly. We both know that each flying trip steals a year off my life in stress (of o-m-g the loss of control when flying!) and aggravation (of o-m-g idiot TSA agents who have finally found a place of POWER in their otherwise powerless existences) and frustration (of o-m-g delays this and delays that and exactly how much did I just pay for this wilted piece of iceberg lettuce and E Coli chicken?).

I told Kris to just go by himself. I'd stay home and watch the dogs (reducing the need for a dog sitter, as well as the stress of things), and he could spend the weekend with his parents.

Kris has stopped going to my family events unless I beg and throw in the spouse card and cash in lots of previously-earned brownie points. With this trip, I've now stopped going to his family events, too.

I sorta feel like this decision is bad, in that, although it eliminates many of the stressors (Kris can travel when he wants, minimizing missed work time, we have a dog sitter, I don't have to deal with moronic TSA agents), it was made in frustration, as if I just gave up on spending time with his parents.

Speaking of parents, Dad didn't call this weekend. I think I missed my turn to call him. I need to fix that tomorrow.