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Didn't look like 600 calories when I ate it


Kris has been buying pita chips as his new snack food. He used to munch on a puffed rice chip. Rice Sembei, I think is the name. He switched to Stacy's pita chips a couples weeks ago, so I've been picking up bags when I go to a store I know has them, which, until recently, has been Whole Foods.

Never quite sure what flavors he might be interested in, I purchased at least one of every flavor in the pita chip line last time I bought him chips. He went through most of the bags, but each time I looked in the cabinet, the cinnamon and sugar bag hadn't been open.

When I came home tonight, and needed a snack, I looked for the pita chips, but found only the cinnamon ones left. Until today, I hadn't really eaten many of the chips, that pesky wheat allergy causing me to avoid wheat as a general rule, but I was hungry. Unfortunately, I was also working, and started eating from the bag quite mindlessly.

An hour later, I realized I had eaten the whole bag. My dinner was a bag of Stacy's Cinnamon Pita Chips.

I flipped over the bag to see how many calories I had eaten, my stomach already starting to revolt at the influx of too much wheat.

Six hundred calories.




I'll be playing at tonight's practice, even if I'm not on the team.