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Pisser pissing


Mom's heading home tomorrow, so she asked if she could take me out to dinner on her last night here. We've been cooking most meals, and managed to eat all the leftovers, so heading out was a good idea.

After dinner, we were readying to leave the restaurant, but, never missing the opportunity, we went to use the toliets. As luck would have it, the women's was occupied, but the men's wasn't.

Yes, I went into the men's restroom. Both of them are single rooms, not stalls, so closing and locking the door meant no one would be shocked at a woman in the men's room. Just as I was closing the door, I thought, hey, maybe Mom doesn't want to stand outside there, wondering, cripes, is my kid going to get in trouble for this, so I invited her in.

Women. We can do this and not be embarrassed.

As I was sitting on the toliet, Mom looked at the urinal on the opposite wall, complete with a bright red liner that screamed, "TARGET! AIM HERE!"

"Hmmmm, I guess they put that in there to prevent backsplash."

"The red thing? I guess so," I responded.

"Wouldn't that be a pisser? You're wearing tan pants and you splash on yourself when you pee? At knee height, no less," she continued, marvelling at the urinal.

"Uh, pun intended? A pisser pissing?"

"Pun intended!"

A minute later, I was washing my hands and Mom was using the toliet.

"You know what would be a worse pisser, Mom?"

"No. What?"

"If I left right now."

"Yeah. Not sure how'd I'd explain that to the guy trying the door right now."

"There's someone outside the door right now?"


"Oh. I'll just wait then."

"You do that."