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The Dish's City view


Tonight we ran the Stanford Dish Loop for training. I've walked this loop a few times, but run it only once, last season also for training. Last year, I was told we were running counter-clockwise around the loop, so I promptly ran clockwise. I have no idea how I mixed those two directions, but apparently I went the easier way: counter-clockwise starts with one ginormous hill that basically thrashes your legs, making the rest of the run more of a mental workout than a physical one.

I struggled with the middle third of the run, having severe cramps on the backside hill, and having to walk up most of it. The backside of the run, however, once I reached the top, was smooth sailing at a nice, fast, comfortable pace.

The nicest part of the run was when Brynne told me to look up, hey, you can see the City from here. It was faint, but visible. I'd never seen San Francisco from Palo Alto before. It was quite lovely. I wish I had had my camera.