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Would you vote for this one?


Kris likes his question of the day. He asks them nearly randomly, but consistently daily. He has, however, started asking other people questions, instead of just me, which is both nice (someone else has to ponder them!) but sad (I don't get to ponder them!). He asked today's question to a coworker (the best hugger in the world, I might add), so I was asked the refined question instead of the original. The question assumed the person being asked the question both is liberal and votes along Democratic Party lines.

It went something like, "If a candidate were running, say for governor, on a platform of reducing per-capita emissions, and to do this, is going to implement some easy impact changes immediately, say,

  • forced spare-the-air days where you don't have a choice about not driving to work: you'd have to bike, take public transportation, walk or ride with the part of the population that can drive that day,
  • or, if a car doesn't meet efficiency standards, it's not allowed to be on the road on certain days, tickets will be issued on certain days,
  • or, following the car efficiency standards, they would be more strict than they currently are,
  • or, you have to pay to drive on the freeway, and you need to purchase a fastpass to do so,
  • or, you can drive only a certain number of days a month, using public transportation or carpooling on other days.

The idea here being, the candidate would issue hard and fast rules for the next 3 years, and everyone would see results. Guaranteed.

So, the question is, would there be a point where it becomes so inconvenient to your lifestyle that you couldn't vote for this candidate?"

Kris' questions are getting more involved.

The coworker he asked apparently not only said he'd vote for the candidate, but he also jumped on the bandwagon, offering a few more suggestions of control. When Kris asked me about the question, I jumped on it, too. I suspect none of the rules would actually hold up in any legal court, the summation of all of them causing undue financial hardship on a large number of citizens.

My suggestion was to mandate auto-off at stop for all cars. The engine of Kris' Honda Civic Hybrid turns off when it's out of gear and fully stopped. The amount of gas wasted at stop lights completely frustrates me, especially along streets with poorly timed lights.