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Why I'm always the girl


Kris and I were talking about our evening dinner. He told me a story.

"So, you know how we were cheering tonight? Well, when I tipped my glass to you, I tipped the bottom of my glass. When you tipped your glass, you held your glass in the middle and tipped the top of the glass to me.

Well, after practice on Sunday, I cheered my glass with Beth, and I presented the top of my glass. Beth tipped the top of her glass to me. I told her, 'Beth, Beth, don't you know the man rules?'


'The man rules. You need to clink glasses with the bottom of your glass. If you touch the tops, you spread the spit around.'


Tyler piped up, 'Here, like this,' and cheered with me, touching the bottom of the glasses.

Beth said, 'Thanks, Tyler, for teaching me how to be a man.'

Tonight, I was thinking, 'Huh. Kitt does this, too.'"

"Great. Does that mean you're going to teach me how to be a man, too?"

"Well, if you're going to be the boy in the next life, you need to know the rules. This is why you're always the girl."