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How small indeed


The world is definitely small. At the airport on the way to my flight home from Phoenix, I walked along the line of many, many people waiting to check bags at the Southwest ticket counter. As I approached the end of the line, I saw a man whom I immediately recognized.

Unfortunately, I couldn't figure out from where.

I watched him as I approached. His mannerisms were familiar, his way of talking and gesturing. When I was close, I recognized his voice. He was talking on the phone, so I stepped into the back of the line and continued to watch him. He continued to talk to some staff person and on the phone for a few moments longer, then turned and walked in the opposite direction.

He looked like Joe Martz, from elementary school and junior high. Junior high... junior high... Senior high. Senior high. Arizona. Band.


He was the first chair baritone in band. He was the one who received the fancy euphonium when the school bought one. And the really really cool marching baritone when the school bought one of them! Oh! Oh wait!

I was torn between making my flight, standing in a 30 minute line less than an hour before my flight was scheduled to leave, and running after him to say hello. The last time I couldn't remember someone and walked up to say hello, I walked up to a retired college classmate of mine who had made many, many millions from eToys. I learned my lesson from that embarrassment and never immediately say more than hello when I haven't spoken to someone in a decade.

So, I didn't run after him and say hello. I'll need to email Jenn and see if she remembers the guy's name. Hmph, she may still be in contact with him. Now that would be my luck.