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Power tools


This morning, as I was brushing my teeth, and Kris was standing in the living room, waiting for me to finish, I listened to the sounds of construction from across the street. Even though city ordinances say construction noises can't begin until 8 am, the workers all arrive at 7 am, and do all the thudding and moving of materials until 8 am, so we're awakened by the noise early regardless.

Promptly at 8 am, they started in with the powertools, today's specialty being the nail gun. The construction is coming along nicely, with a large part of the house mostly complete. The nail gun was being used to put up the interior pieces.

As I brushed my teeth, I listened to the construction noises...





The last followed by a slew of hurried, concerned voices.

After a few moments, these voices were followed by a gale of laughter. Aw, those construction guys, pulling pranks on each other. No one lost an eye or a finger today.