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ToT6: Andy's take


Andy had his top list:

TOT best of

or best in breed?

1. Mark: Craziest and best "swim hiker". The man for whom it doesn't count
as a hike unless you do something crazy. Wait until you here the story.
2. Shwu: carried most weight in proportion to her body weight.
3. Chris: best luxury items and willing to share them.
4. Kitt: most distance in a single day.
5. Megan: the only one for whom 20 miles in 2 days is "a light workout that
won't interfere with her marathon schedule"
6. Sitka: only dog who was still interested in raw hide bones after a 10
mile hike.
7. Blue: best pain tolerance (maybe 40% of his foot surface is a blister)
8. Shadow: best at pacing himself
9. Dan-O: best at convincing someone that 20 miles in 2 days was a light

Anyone have a top-ten moments for the weekend?


My response was:

10. Andy: most number of dog-carrying miles in a weekend.

A feat of impressive doggy determination.