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Velocity today


Today's warmups were a little annoying. Mostly because, instead of the usual 3 warmup sprints at full speed, we had 6 or 8, I lost count. Sure, they're short sprints (40 yards), but I was trying to beat the other people in my group. That goal required going more than just a fake 100%. It required a full 100%.

Fortunately, I beat the boys I went up against that I had my sights on. I am so happy the A.R.T. are so effective for me: I can finally run again!

So, the workout was 5 rounds of:

20 push presses
100 jump ropes
20 squats with rope overhead
100 running jump ropes
20 stability ball roll ups

Push presses are done with a barbell. The barbell is rested in front, across the chest, standing legs apart, knees slightly bent. Drive the hips up, creating the momentum used to move the barbell up into a press. Pull the bar back down while bending the knees again. The motion is fast.

The first set of jumping is a normal quick jumping rope motion.

The overhead squats are done with the jumprope held overhead, being careful to keep the rope pulled tight, chest up, looking ahead.

The second set of jumping is a running jump rope, with high knees. Kris is very good at this type of jumping. I? Quite less so.

The last exercise is an ab workout: with both hands on the floor, facing down in a pushup position, put the stability ball beneath your feet, resting on your shins if you want an easier exercise, putting just your feet on the ball for a harder exercise. Roll the ball forward by pulling your knees close to your chest, keeping your shins/feet on the ball. Roll back out to the starting position. That's one. Do 20.

I finished 3 rounds, but had to leave to shower for the train. Which is a little tragic, but I have all the equipment necessary to finish the other 2 rounds at home. I'll finish them tonight.


Nice stats, beat the boys, too.