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For this?!?


I went into Nob Hill tonight on a grocery run for tonight's communal dinner. Kris and I had driven by the store recently when he commented, "Ah, the old hood. We won't be shopping there any time soon, will we?"

He was referring to the new, larger Nob Hill store which, because of a lease negotiation, took over the All-Star Baseball Academy's space, closing down the facility, changing our training opportunities and plans. No longer could we run to our fantastic training location, we actually have to drive and train to get there.

So, in I went, and wandered over to where the batting cages used to be. Huh, look at that. I then wandered to where the back, members-only weight room was. As I stood there, where I lifted weights for many hours a week training for Team USA tryouts, I couldn't help but think,

"This? THIS? This is what you tore down ASA for? An aisle of dog food? Because when I'm out of dog food, the first thing I think is, hey, I should go to Nob Hill to buy dog food. They won't be overpriced there. I'll get a good deal!"

Dog food. Flippin' dog food.

Stupid Nob Hill.