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Spend $400 to save 80%


I mentioned to Doyle at lunch today that I was visiting Mom next Tuesday and Wednesday. His first reaction was surprise (in the middle of the work week?); his second was curiousity. "So, do you schedule these visits months in advance and just forget to tell me, or is this a 'Hey, a trip sounds good!' and you bought tickets just now so I'm letting you know?"

No, no, nothing like that. I had booked the tickets yesterday with a Southwest credit that was, well, expiring at the end of the month. Not that I have credits to burn or something. Or something. Given my schedule for the holidays and various weekends' activities, this was the best time to go, so off I'm going. I mentioned I had to spend another $40 over my credit, but better to spend $40 not to lose $200 than to lose the $200.

Who would have thought such logic would send Doyle into a rant? I didn't, but off he went.

"Why do people think they're saving money by spending it? It's like spending A and B going to the Sports Basement at a sale and spending $400 on crap. She showed me her stuff and said, 'Look what I got! I saved 80%!' She didn't save 80%, she spent $400! 'But look at these yoga pants! They were only $20! Normally, they're $80!' But you don't even do yoga!"

He kept going all the way to the restaurant we were going to for lunch. I think that was the most words I'd ever heard from him in one string. Ever.

I need to find more of his trigger buttons. These rants are fun.


My girlfriend at the time had bought plane tickets to go away for the
weekend, but for various reasons didn't really want to go and was reasonably
sure she wouldn't have fun. She decided that she should still go because
she had already bought the plane tickets. Meanwhile she could still cancel
the hotel reservation at no cost. In other words, she would rather have
spent more money on a hotel, restaurants, etc than not use a plane ticket
than not use a plane ticket that was already paid for.