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The items we carry


"I feel strange going out without my iPod."


"Because I count to four when I go to work: phone, wallet, keys, iPod. That's how I know I have everything."

"You count to four?"


"That's it? Four?"

"What do you count to?"

"Wallet. Car keys. House keys. Office keys. Two phones. Two iPods. Two cameras."


"Wait, I'm not done. Pack of kleenexes. Computer. Bag of wires. Airport Express..."

"Bag of wires? Why do you have a bag of wires?"

"Uh, two headsets, one phone-headset, USB cable, ethernet cable."

"You carry an ethernet cable with you to work?"

"Well, yeah. And an emergency supply of food, too. And lip balm. And vitamins. Oh, and a magazine. Maybe a book."

"To work. Every day?"


"Maybe I should take only one camera."