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Annie's hands


Annie is a smart dog. I would argue too smart, certainly for her own good. She can do the usual smart-dog tricks like open various doors by pushing them open, or bump them to swing open. She can also pull a door if there's food on the other side of the door. Food: Annie's biggest motivator.

Annie can, and has, opened up peanut butter jars. She recognizes the jar, most likely by smell, and is always hovering around when I'm spreading peanut butter on my bananas or apples. She opened the jar once by putting both front paws around the jar, hands-like, and hooking her teeth on the ridges of the lid. She then twisted the lid off, turning it bit by bit.

Once I recognized what she'd done, I couldn't help but wonder just what kind of demon dog we had. I mean, other than a really smart demon dog.

A really smart demon dog with hands.