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Second Christmas


Today is our Second Christmas. Instead of crazy clothing choices, we had exciting rounds of flying toys. Starting with the mini marshmallow launchers, which we opened first because that was the gift that was handed to us first by someone who didn't know what was in the wrapped boxes, but did notice there were four of them with the exact same shape.

Nothing like discovering bags of marshmallows strategically placed all around the room, in four corners, for the four combatants with marshmallow launchers. Kris, Shaun, Jen and I all dashed off to find our ammo supply, filled, and commenced our round-robin assault on each other.

So, imagine a largish room, maybe 30 x 20, with four adults in their thirties, running around, marshmallows flying in all directions, while two kids watch in amazement, and two other adults laugh hysterically at the scene.

Now imagine this going on at peak intensity for 20 minutes.

Other presents? What? There's more? Why?

We took at least 20 minutes before some reminded us of our other presents. And that happened only after we were done laughing so hard our sides ached.

Although the marshmellow launcher was our first toy, perhaps the finest, we also received a flying helicopter for air laser tag duels, an electronic board game, a dice game, a sudoko puzzlebook, and a book on how to stay immature forever.

Did I mention the marshmallow launcher?


The grande finale was the super-secret, everyone-open-his-present-at-the-same-time set of gifts that, when all opened at the same time, revealed a complete Wii, with controllers for four players and a Guitar Hero controller. Kris' dad had gone out three times before dawn, before Thanksgiving, to line up to purchase a Wii for the family.

We spent the rest of the day in that largish room, leaving only for sustenance and a brief walk at my insistence.

Had to nudge the schedule somehow.