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Up a pole


Mark and Megan came over tonight to visit. They brought half of dinner; we made the other half. While we were socializing after dinner, the television was on, providing background noise. At one point, we noticed they were talking about remodels, and noticed they were talking about an inconvenient structural pole in the middle of the room.

Mark commented he used to have one of those inconvenient structural poles in the downstairs of their house. I didn't recall it, so Megan explained where it was before Mark explained how he removed it after installing stronger cross beams in the ceiling.

Kris then told us of the structural poles in his parents' basement. When he told us that, as kids, he and his friends would close all the doors and played hide and go seek in the dark, I thought we were in for a good story about how one of his friends ran into the pole in the dark. It was a new story, so I was immediately interested in hearing it.

He started laughing before he was even able to start the story.

Turns out, during one instance of hide-and-go-seek, he decided to hide at the top of one of the poles. So, he climbed up, and spent the next ten minutes trying to stay at the top of the pole, first with his hands, then with his feet, then back with his hands, anything to stay at the top of the pole.

I couldn't help but start laughing with Kris, imagining this young kid, climbing up quickly, trying hard to stay up on the top of the pole. I'm still laughing. I think I could laugh for days on this one. Yay, new story!