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CD player


Oh my goodness.

Okay, so my first car, well, the first one I bought, my CRX had a clock and a tape player. Everything, except air bags, that a car needs for comfort.

My next car, the first big purchase Kris and I made together, didn't have a clock. Sure, it had a CD player, the height of fancy, but no clock, not even on the CD player. Quite annoying.

Okay, so, my current car has BOTH a CD player AND a clock. I mean, how great is that? How absolutely wonderful is that?

Except that once you turn on the CD player, you can't stop the CD player. You can turn off the player, but you can't pause the playing of the CD player. With the CD controls, there are skip and seek, but no pause. Who designs a CD player with no pause? When the navigation system is on, the navigation system talks right over the CD player, but the CD player won't stop.

For six months, this has driven me nuts.

Until today.

Turns out, there are two CD formats supported by the player: the standard orange format (a music CD) and the MP3 format (a data disc (green, maybe?) with MP3s on it). If I switch the playing format of the CD from a music CD to an MP3 CD, the disc isn't compatible, and the player stops.