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Getting organized


According to Self magazine, by using "surprising strategies to save time, energy and [my] sanity," I can get organized in 30 days. Given the amount of stuff in my house, the level of disarray, and the strength of my resolve to deal with this issue now, I figured, hey, I'll give this a try. I tore the article out of the magazine and decided my 30 days starts today.

Okay, here we go.

Day 1: Make your bed. It's the fastest way to render your boudoir peaceful and presentable. "Your bed dominates the room, so when it's tidy, everything else looks better," says Peter Walsh, author of It's All Too Much (Free Press). If tucking in a top sheet and blanket in the early hours feels onerous, use a comforter with a washable duvet cover. Smooth the fluffy expanse for a Zen effect with zero effort.

So, I made the bed this afternoon. The bedroom has been one of the places I've been working on keeping clutter-free, having moved everything out of the room when the new carpeting went in early November. Kris has a few items on his side table, but anything other than the clock is whisked away in short order.

Okay, so the bed is made. Do I feel more organized yet?

Um.... no.


You're crazy. Making the bed always makes me feel less cluttered! I have to make it asap every morning. Though I live in the room with my bed right now, so that makes a difference. Sigh.