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World, meet Alex


Alex and I met on the wind swept streets of Santa Barbara, neither of us quite realizing what fast friends we'd become in one short day of drinking. Thick as thieves. We're like THAT! Yeah, just like that.

The day started off cold and windy. Oh boy, was it windy. My damp, freshly showered hair dried within minutes of stepping out of the car to wait for the rest of our crew to show up. Alex's girlfriend introduced herself first, Alex second, his hair whipping around his head like a rat running on speed.

He played it coy at first, sitting in the way back, far far away from me, in the van. I knew better. A few sips here, a few tastes of wine there, and he'd be talking to me in no time. Hey, what do I know? It took only two wine tasting rooms to convince him I was the greatest writer he'd ever met. Only TWO! Can you believe it?

Here, look, my new best friend, Alex.

A dollar says he's annoyed at me for this entry here. Hi, Alex!

P.S. Hey, world, Alex ate my pears. Either that means he's as weird as Kris for liking the gritty, mushy things, or he's my best friend ever. I haven't quite decided.