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Long torso


For the most part, I can't stand my long torso. Well, it's not so much the long torso I don't like as the short legs I have that accompany that torso. Sure, I'm 5'7", but when I'm sitting, I'm 6'2"! Not kidding there. In college, I had a boyfriend who was 6'2". When we sat next to each other, I was as tall as he was. That year, I stood next to a 5'2" friend and compared leg lengths. Our lengths were the same.

Oh, this has caused so much fun (that was sarcasm) over the years. There was the time at a Rippit dinner when we sat along the wall and compared leg length and torso height: only Mike was taller than I am. Keebler was close. Sarah had no torso, but wow, all legs, baby!

You can imagine where having a long torso and being married to a man with a normal length torso might be, well, annoying, say, when kissing.

Yeah, well, today, I didn't mind so much.

Sitting in the back of the conference room, I sat up straight (yes, yes, I know, I know, something I NEVER do). Hey, what do you know, I could see over everyone in front of me.


Equally correspond to penis length?

Which is why I have the biggest dick, especially compared to all of my male friends.

But, wtf kind of question is this?