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Worst taxi yet


Okay, now I'm not so enamored of these Boston taxis. Not that I've ever been enamored of the taxis, actually. I find them more of a necessary evil than a convenience.

Anyway, tonight's made me very, very nervous. So nervous, in fact, that I started texting Kris with updates of where I was as the taxi was driving, the wrong way in some cases. The Bruins game just got out, and the normal way was blocked, we have to go this way. He turned left, instead of right, right being the direction of the hotel, the direction of last night's taxi route back to the hotel.


I realized that Kris probably wasn't going to get these text messages, or respond to them. I started texting Andy. At least he has a data plan. I sent the various locations as we were passing them, thinking, well, even if something bad happened, at least they'd know where I was last. I don't know, maybe I overreacted. Okay, yeah, I overreacted. But the taxi driver was creepy. I mean, not only did he drive the wrong way, but he kept muttering as he was driving, and looking back at me, and quickly looking away. He didn't use the windshield wipers, or defrosters, the windows started fogging up. All the windows. I ended up rolling down the windows to see out. Well, rolling down the windows, looking out, freaking out, and texting Andy.

I made it back to the hotel safely. To my surprise, the fare was less than last night's fare.

Well, if you don't add in the text message costs, I guess.


reminds me of the time I was in Bangkok. I had been reading all the paranoid reports warning tourists of the dangers in Bangkok.
They had a report on how Taxi drivers take foriegn passengers out to the sticks and rob/kill/rape/whatever. My taxi was going through some sketchy back-streets that didn't look familiar to me. So, I started plotting my attack. (best defense is a good offense). OK, Pen to the throat should disable him enough for me to get out of range. I whisper to Becky to jump out of the taxi next time it slows down, and then I'll take out the driver. She says I'm a fucking lunatic and that our hotel is only a couple blocks away. She was right.