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Stranger's feet


So, Kris and I are sitting on the plane, pretty much minding out own business during the flight. I have my 6" stack of magazines (and two books!), so, despite having problems reading because of the last few days, I'm all set.

Sometime about halfway through the flight, I realize that my elbow is being caressed. Now, normally, this wouldn't be a bad thing, except, as dawning realization hits me, my right elbow is being caressed.

And Kris is on my left.

Startled, I jerk my elbow forward and look down.

To my surprise, I see the foot of the person sitting behind him, propped up on the armrest of my chair. The guy behind me is caressing me with his foot.

Except that it isn't just any shoe, this guy had on. No, he has on open toed sandals.

Except that it isn't just any toe sticking out of said open toed sandals. It is a toe with a cracked toenail.

Except that it issn't just an open toed shoe with a cracked toenail poking out of it. It is a green, fungal, cracked toenail poking out of an open toed sandal that had just spent at least the last five minutes, before I realized what was happening, caressing my elbow.

I am not amused.

To say I am purple with rage would be an insult to the color purple.

If I had wanted a green fungal toenail from a stranger caressing my elbow, I assure you, I would have paid extra for my ticket.