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Another website sprint


Today was the third web sprint for the Master Gardener's website. I swear, this is feeling less like a sprint and more like a marathon. We've made fantastic progress, but, good lord, there is a lot of work left to do. I'm really impressed with how far the group has come, and how much several people have learned about web pages and the like.

What's been the biggest eye-opener, however, has been how much I had taken for granted that a process was both usable and (I'm almost embarrassed to say) easy. For someone without web experience, the process was not easy, and much of it did not make sense. Fortunately, everyone has been as patient with me as I have been patient with them (which is to say, I can a heck of a lot more patient with other people than I can be with myself, so I'm making progress in this journey called "life"), and I've been able to fix the workflow processes and update the documentation.

The Master Gardener's group is a far different group than ultimate players (including an age swing of near, oh, half a century) , but the lessons I've learned with them have been just as big and just as interesting as those from ultimate.

The best part of this sprint, other than Abby's blueberry cobbler?

Running water.