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Chase Mastercard sucks


Chase Mastercard has HORRIBLE customer service. I recommend you dump your cards.

That was for the Google alerts summary line, in case you were wondering. The real rant starts here.

Yesterday morning, Kris managed to get up early with me to pick up my car from the mechanics, then head off to Velocity to work out. I came back home to work and, unfortunately, to answer the phone which began ringing every 10 minutes after I arrived home. I made the mistake of answering the phone, I admit, because the only people who have our home number and use it are telemarketers, Jessica and Andy. Both Jessica and Andy know to call our cell phones if we don't pick up the house line, so we haven't missed calls from them yet (that we know of anyway).

So, each time I answered the phone yesterday, Chase Mastercard was calling. They wanted to speak to Kris. I told them he wasn't home, call back after 7. Didn't help. They called back about every 15 minutes for the first half of the day.

I should have disconnected the phone.

This morning, the calls started at 7:45 am.

In a house where we don't get up until 9:30 am, or are gone by 8:00 am for class.

I answered the first one, and hung up on the guy.

I answered the second one at 8:05 am, and told him to call back after 10.

I answered the third call at 8:20 am and told the caller I was Kris. Hell, why not? I'd like to know what the hell this call was about, because the previous callers refused to talk to me, it HAD to be Kris, despite the fact my name is on the card, too.

Well, there was the fact of this minimum payment due on the card.

On a card with the payment ONE DAY LATE.


The payment was in the mail, having been processed by the bank, and the funds already deducted from our account.

I hung up on the guy.

I answered the fourth call at 8:45 am. Kris had given up and gotten up out of bed. He was eating breakfast by this point. I told the woman on the line that they better stop fucking calling. Yes, I cursed at her, I was angry then and I'm angry now, as it was still before 10 am, as I requested them not to call before with the previous call.

I hung up on her and unplugged the phone, which is what I should have done in the first place. Phones are there for the receiver's convenience, and not the caller's convenience, a fact which is very easy to forget in these always-connected times.

What really gets me about this whole thing is that Kris and I (well, me, as I pay the bills, he just signs the checks) overpay our bills 80% of the time. Oh, the credit card bill is $400? Oh, I know I made another purchase on it, I'll pay $450 to cover that one, too. I do that most of the time, so our bills are almost always partially prepaid. Kris is annoyed by this habit of mine.

I let one bill slip, on the other hand, one fucking bill with FUCKING CHASE MASTERCARD (which sucks), and pay it ONE FUCKING DAY LATE (thank you, weekend, I did enjoy you, really, not that you can tell at this moment), and you get calls at 7 fucking 45 in the morning.

Chase Mastercard, you are fucking assholes.

I'll be cancelling these cards as soon as I can convince Kris just how much of a worthless piece of shit these cards are.


Out of curiosity, is there a reason you don't just set up automatic deduction from a bank account?

If the automatic deduction happens, I lose the opportunity (and motivation) to review the statement.

Greater chance of error and they will never be in my favor, having had several extra charges and fees show up on various accounts.

So, no, automatic deduction won't happen. Online banking is bad enough.