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Keep L.A. driving to a minimum, he said


As he left for work on Thursday morning, Kris told me to "keep the L.A. driving to a minimum."

I took that to mean, "Don't do any of your crazy driving moves learned when you were driving the streets of Los Angeles." I notice that Andy drives much the same was as I do. Which also might explain why I feel comfortable in a car he's driving.

Of course, I feel comfortable in a car Kris is driving, but that's because we're going 20 miles an hour under the speed limit in the right lane, being one of four cars in California where slower traffic really does move right.

I'm not sure, however, what I'm supposed to do when I'm driving at a constant speed (one that was UNDER the speed limit, thank you very much), and another driver just sorta drifts her white Volvo station wagon into my lane in fromt on me. No turn signal. No hand signal. No indication she's moving over until she barely misses my front bumper on her way in front of me.

With no other cars around for at least ten car lengths.

Surely in front of me is the best place in all the freeways of California to be.

So, sorry, Kris, I did my L.A. driving. I dropped a gear, pulled left, accelerated around the I'm-so-safe-I'm-in-a-Volvo driver, and pulled back into my lane in front of her, having left enough room to be safe in the lane change, with signals on and working, to demonstrate to the lady, PROPER lane changing techniques.

I'm sure the lesson was lost on her.