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Terrorized by bugs


So, I'm sitting here at the dining area table, working away. I've been sitting out here recently for several reasons: the light is better, the noise is less since Kris brought home his monster of a new computer, and, most importantly, the junk is piled up higher than my head, threatening to tumble down upon me the next time the dog sneezes.

All very good reasons to be out in the dining area to work.

As I'm working away, I notice movement out of the corner of my eye, to my right, at about head level. I look over at the movement, and see a moth crawling down the curtains.

Now, this isn't just any moth. This particular moth is about 3 cm long, black and fuzzy. And it decided to buzz me.

I jumped up, goose bumps shooting up all over my body, and zoomed away from the moth. The dogs barely moved, except Bella to lift her head, utter the smallest of woofs, and lie back down. I tried to sit back down and work, but the thought of this moth walking around the floor where it landed, possibly into my shoes (reminiscent of my brother's vomit in my shoes), just gave me the heebies, and I had to find the moth.

Each time I came close to both finding it, stirring it up, and getting it to move to the outside door, it would gather energy and flitter in exactly the wrong direction. Deciding to be smarter than the average moth, I pulled the dog food container's lid out from the kitchen to scoop and fling the moth outside.

Did I say smarter than the average moth? Yeah, well, said moth decided enough was enough and was crawling out the door when I returned with lid. The only joy I managed was that of a small shove before shutting the door. Whoo.

My little moth terror over, I decided to shower and start the day. I don't know why I thought that moving the bath mat in the tub would be a safe thing to do. I mean, I wasn't in a terrorized state or anything. Just because I hadn't slept very well last night, having had troubles falling asleep after staying up too late to finish some client tasks, and listen to the Germany Portugal quarter-finals soccer match on Tivo with Kris who had actually fallen asleep two hours before, and then had trouble STAYING asleep as deeply sexual dreams that included a field, shade, pleasant winds and Adam Leventhal kept rousting me from a deep slumber, and continued even after I woke up, wondered what the dream meant, and fell back asleep to have the dream continue, only to wake up and wonder why Adam continued to be in my dream and not Kris, and why don't I just roll over and finish the dream with Kris, but deciding not to because it was so hot in the bedroom, but being woken up anyway from the neighbor's car alarm going off non-stop at 5:14am and not being able to go back to sleep, doesn't mean I was in a bad, cranky mood or anything.

Hi, Adam. Yeah, you were fun in the dream. Your girlfriend's a lucky girl.

So, when I moved the bath mat to discover ANOTHER bug, this time only a June bug, and not a small cockroach as I feared, I nearly jumped out of the shower, taking the curtain, curtain rod, towel rod, towel and Bella, who waits outside the bathtub for her treat, with me.

This was not a good morning, and it was only 86° outside. It's supposed to get up to 102°

Stupid bugs. Stupid not being able to sleep.