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Passive-aggressive government


Apparently if your company lasts longer than 3 years, you end up on the "we're going to bombard you with a ton of crap paperwork category and start getting all sorts of forms to fill out from the various branches of government" list. I think this is how the government has decided it's going to get the economy rolling again: flood the small business owners with so much crap that they have no choice to hire another person just to deal with all of it.

Well, that, or go out of business.

I guess this plan could backfire.

A few weeks ago, I received a notice from the U.S. Census Bureau, complete with a form that I HAD TO FILL OUT:

It's a strong armed, bully approach, actually. You MUST comply. You're BREAKING THE LAW if you don't.

I don't do well with bully approaches. I'm much more likely to become ornery if you try to bully me - a fact that explains much of my reactions to seemingly minor events that become HUGE in my world. That, and asking me to complete arbitrary tasks. I HATE to follow up on arbitrary tasks or rules that are in place because some fucking moron decided that it was needed. Gah.

Yeah, that census thing.

In a completely passive aggressive approach that is so common in the American society today, they attempt to be pleasant:

I find this quite annoying.