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Various notes for day 6


Well, with lots of effort, the camera finally opens. It grinds with sand in the gears, and sometimes it doesn't open, or I have to shove it closed, but at least it's somewhat opening again and I can take pictures. Yay!

Surprisingly, I'm still on battery 2.

Thinking about it, I should have brought Kris' pink plastic cards on this trip. No worry about their getting wet.

And, yes, surprisingly yes, it is possible to be done with the Canyon. I felt like I wanted to be done last night. This morning, I'm okay. Last night, not so much.

Whoever said there are no mosquitos in the Grand Canyon lied. Sitting on the pot this morning, one landed on my arm and started digging in. I swatted it, then debated wiether or not to bring the corpse to the group to show it off and provide evidence of their existance at the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

I decided not to.