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Hannah, Cabana Girl


So, yeah, each summer, I hire a Smith brother to work for me around the house. I wasn't able to find a Smith brother this summer. Somehow, I think Matty is on to me. Mark must have said something about a shower in a dingy hotel room or something.


I did luck out, however, for this month, as Hannah, a teammate of mine, has a month before she starts working or starting school again in September. She was able to come over last week and just crush my stack of to-do items, blowing through my box of gee-I-really-should-deal-with-this items and generally lowering my stress level by a HUGE lot. I'm very excited for her visit.

Even more so when she brings me treats like home-made pumpkin spice muffins. I mean, hello? the Smith brothers have nothing on Hannah.

Well, except when they wear the leopard-print thong. It's a hard choice when they do that.