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Velocity today


Today's workout at Velocity was four rounds of decreasing reps of:

Plank position hand walk
Kettleball swings
Overhead push press
Box jumps
Run 4 lengths

Sets were were 21, 18, 15, and 12 repetitions. Well, except the plank position hand walk and the four lengths of running, which weren't decreasing.

The plank position hand walks were done along a row of medicine balls lined up along ten yards, spaced a bit over a yard apart. Starting in a plank position (a pushup position), hands just to the left of the first ball, hand walk to first ball and put both hands on the ball, then continue walking to put both hands to the right of the ball. The trick is to move your feet along with the sideways hand walking. One round is done walking to the left, the next walking to right.

The kettleball swings are the same as normal. The overhead push press was same as normal, as were the box jumps and running four lengths.

The workout was a good combination of upper body and lower body workout.