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Abandonment issues


I think I'm beginning to have abandonment issues. No, I take that back. Allow me to restate.

I'm having abandonment issues.

I realized late last week that with the one client I have, the one that broke me, I've been abandoned by Mike for the third time.

First, he moves away.

Then, he goes to work for another company.

Now, he's left this company where I'm doing contract work.

I have to say, I'm starting to become annoyed. If I didn't like Kate and Liza and Maeryn and Mike so much, a fondness which I will use as a shield to these feelings of abandonment, I'd think he's trying to avoid me long term.

Yes, yes, I'm kidding.

Hi, Mike. Stop abandoning me.

Update: I can post this now that the company finally knows of Mike's departure.


LOL. Sorry....

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