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Dear light blue Volvo driver


Dear light blue Volvo station wagon driver going north on the 101 in Sunnyvale around noon today,

The left lane is for passing. The far left lane is completely for passing, and not for driving twenty miles an hour more slowly than EVERYONE ELSE on the freeway. When a car which is driving the speed limit, possibly a tad over the speed limit, approaches you from behind on the freeway, the proper response is not to throw up both hands, leaving neither hand on the steering wheel of you car. When the car signals it wants to pass you, stomping on the brakes is also not a proper response.

Doing both at the same time is DEFINITELY not the correct response.

No, the correct response is MOVE THE FUCK OVER.

Yes, move your car over to the right.

Do not make me move three lanes over to the right to pass your fucking slow, and actually a bit illegal, ass on the freeway. Move OVER.

And the small asian woman driving behind me? The closer you drive to me, the farther away from the car in front of me I'm going to drive. Yes, even if that car is driving twenty miles an hour slower than surrounding traffic and below the posted lower speed limit for the road we're on.

Yes, I will move over to the right when I have a chance. No, riding up MY ass will not hurry me.


Safe driving you two!

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