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Velocity in circles


I left a client's office early this afternoon to make sure I made it to Velocity on time. I wasn't sure how bad traffic would be, and was pleasantly surprised to arrive early enough to change clothes and stretch slowly. Not having to drive in the fastest lane, but being able to cruise in the flow of the slower traffice helped me arrive calm, too.

To my surprise, there were 10 people in the class. I'm used to 4 maybe 6 tops, so the 10 people seemed a lot. I recognized a large number of the people, one of them being the tall Asian guy who rolled his eyes as I did at Friday's workout a week ago. There were a couple new people, including two women, a tall blonde and a short redhead, the latter being so wonderfully graceful I'm sure she has a dance background.

When a large number of people are in a class, instead of the small number of station, we have to do a workout-in-the-round where cones were placed in large oval and we did alternating body-weight exercises and aerobic work.

When I came out with my camera after a break during the class, both the coaches freaked out a little bit. One asked me why I had it out (to post pictures to my blog, der), the other asked how much free advertising Velocity receives from my blog (not much, but more than zero, all of my friends know about it!). Eventually, one asked if he wanted me to hold on to the camera during the workout. I didn't, but figured the other people might be a little freaked out if they thought I was taking pictures of them, so I relented.

The workout was

30s squat for speed
60s side slide to the right
30s hip pop (***)
60s carioca to the right
30s squat rotate
60s lateral skip to the right

About this time, my left knee started hurting, and I was hoping we'd go to the left some time soon. We didn't.

30s V-ups
60x lateral skip with crossovers to the right
30s alternating lunging backwards
60s running backward
30s hand walk around in a circle
60s side slide to the left

Yay! We're finally going to left! We also dropped down to less aerobic time.

30s lunge drops (drop into a low lunge, jump up and switch feet, dropping again)
60s carioca to the left
30s russian twists (I am built for these)
30s mountain climbers
30s run backwards
30s squats with jump
30s slide slide to the left again
30s reverse crunches (also known as hip lifts)
30s carioca again to the left
30s wide stance squats
30s skipping backwards
30s squats
30s running backwards


I was sufficiently done at this point, but we still had another 10 minutes, so we all trudged over to the wall to pick up a med ball. We then did three rounds of 10 j-hawks, 2 rounds of 8 pushups with our med ball under one arm (so 4 sets total, for 32 pushups total), and only one round of plank hold for 30 seconds, left side plank hold for 30 seconds and right side plank hold for 30 seconds. That I was able to hold all planks for the full time gave me no small amount of personal satisfaction.

We did some unmemorable swissball work to continue the ab work before we were done.

During all of this, I noticed another class going on, with three relatively young men, most likely late high school, working out. I noticed they did a lot of technique drills, explosive work, a lot of sprinting, then some uninteresting weight lifting. The technique work was of interest to me. The class was the D2 class, which is normally taken by high school and college athletes during off-season to train for their sports. I have a credit with Velocity for a cancelled class I signed up for. I may have to sign up for a D2 class.

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