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Found the sweet spot


Heather called early this evening, asking if I'd be up for going on a hike. Kris and I have been going to Fremont Older frequently recently, me for the non-running exercise because of my knee, Kris for his hard-running training for his leg of the Wildflower Triathlon that Kris, Andy, and Kris' coworker and best hugger in the world, Marc; so I suggested Fremont Older.

I suspect with so many people having extra free time, I shouldn't be telling so many people about Fremont Older, lest they all discover the parking lot with (shock) parking spaces next to a great hiking spot.

I convinced Heather Fremont Older over Rancho San Antonio (where I seem never to be able to find parking), and off we went.


Oh, my, did the weather cooperate with us. Where the day was previously cloudy, windy and cold, our hike was cool, sunny and very nice. We even managed to see not one or two but THREE deer!

We made it to the top of Hunter's Point, and continued on to hike the Seven Sprints trail. As we started walking down various hills, my knee started acting up, hurting and locking up. Frustrated, I stopped us a couple times to adjust my knee brace, trying to follow the instructions from the knee doctor to adjust my kneecap to the inside of my knee.


I adjusted the straps, and again, and again, and again, and HOLY MOLY, the clouds parted, the sun shined and the angels sang as I found the sweet spot on my brace. I needed to pull the kneecap to the inside, sure, but also UP. UP! That's all I needed, up.

At least so far. I managed to finish the hike knee-pain free. Here's hoping this is, indeed, the (temporary) answer to my knee locks.

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