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Knife wound


It's been three days since the surgery, so it's time to remove the bandages and change the dressing. Sorta. The stitches come out in two weeks, but the covering comes off today.

The covering, though, holy crap, the thing f---ing ITCHES. IT. CHES. It's driving me nuts. Sure, sure, Kris keeps saying, "It's just your body healing," which apparently the same thing that Heather's mom always says, but that doesn't change the fact that the itching is driving me nuts.

Given that Martha hates my gruesome pictures of digging out warts, I'll give her warning about this, too, and let her know that the pictures really aren't so bad.

So, here we go: the bandages over my 2" wound:



thanks for hiding the gross picture :) I refrained from looking at it, although Mikael will give me a description I'm sure :) Hope it heals quickly and the itching stops soon!

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