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Kris' new toy


So, Kris has this habit of waiting for me to purchase some new toy and, after it arrives and I'm playing with it, says, "Hey! I want one!" That's usually followed by his co-opting my new toy, forcing me to purchase a new one.

I can't say I'm particularly upset by this habit, as it gives me an opportunity (an admittedly very SHORT opportunity) to play with the first one, and purchase a better or upgraded one when he's not looking.

He's been doing this since our first MP3 player (not an iPod) and our first digital camera (floppies!), and our Handspring PDAs.

Of course, that all pretty much stopped when I purchased him an iPod. Instead of being fascinated with my iPod, he could be fascinated with HIS iPod.

This would work well, for both of us, if he didn't keep losing or breaking his iPods. I'm on iPods two and three (one for long term listening and videos, the other diskless for running), having lost my first iPod to kris' magical touch.

Kris, on the other hand, is on iPod five or six, having broken his first one, worn out the battery on his second one and my first one, and lost the fourth one, possibly the fifth one, too. Honestly, I've lost count.

Actually, kris WILL BE on iPod 5/6 once I give it to him. It arrived today. I really should have had his phone number engraved on the back. Of course, if I had done that, all the chicky-poos would be able to hit on him via his iPod and he'd NEVER see it.


The good thing about the engraving is that if whoever finds this ipod googles for his name, they'll find this site and hopefully contact me. That assumes, of course, that said finder is resourceful.

And that he loses it in the first place. I hope he doesn't: I'm becoming quite tired at replacing iPods.

Of course, since I've licked it, they're all mine.


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