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Surprise! Velocity!


I actually went to Velocity today. Having not gone in over a month, I wasn't foolish enough to go to Breanne's killer morning workout. I went at lunch and had the joy of a warmup and three rounds of

Inclined bench press
Weighted scales
Step ups
Underhand lat pull downs
One legged v-ups

The incline bench press was with more weight than I should have used.

The weighted scales I couldn't finish with any weight after burning out my hamstrings in the first set with weights too heavy.

The step ups were fine, though my knee was a little shaky with the 50 pounds of weight I was carrying at the time. The step ups were done without placing the moving foot on the platform, to make the top position even harder.

The lat pull downs were fine.

The one legged v-ups I did incorrectly, but didn't realize it until I was done with my third set.


I need to move. Stupid knee.

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