Tape knowledge


I went to physical therapy today for my knee. I'm pretty sure that the insurance company isn't very happy with my sudden massive health failure with so many parts of my body. I figure, I've been saving it up for a while, finally decided to do something about it, and the POINT of insurance is to protect against bad outcomes with risks. Of course, medical insurance companies are actually collective bargaining middle men and not really designed to prevent financial ruin in case of catastrophic medical events, but hey, best to get something from the money the company throws at the insurance company.

That, and I'd rather pay a small amount in preventative health care. If I can't run or walk, most exercises are out for me. I'd like to be able to walk and run, really.

So, I've been going for a while now, with two weeks left in my prescription. The current theory, for which I'm in physical therapy, is that my knee cap doesn't track properly, too far away from the joint on the inside edge of my leg. The problem with this theory, I will comment, is that BOTH knees have the bad tracking, according to the x-rays, yet only one knee is having problems. The other issue I have with this theory is that it doesn't explain the locking I experience when something in my knee shifts and I'm suddenly unable to bend it.

Of course, the doctor knows all of this, and suggested physical therapy as a less invasive potential solution. I don't believe it's working, but hey, my legs are getting stronger. Stronger legs can't be a bad thing.

Despite all of this, today I learned how to tape my knee to bring my knee cap "back in line." I've had it taped before, without pain but with discomfort. I am, at this point, unclear if my new knowledge is both useful and good.


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